Whoever invented the game of tag should probably be brought back to life and then immediately hung.  Have you ever watched a game of tag between kids in which an argument did NOT break out?  I went down to the pool today with Roman, Grace, and Ellie, and though I wasn’t in the pool, witnessed a game of tag between Roman and two other boys.  Sure enough, Roman started yelling that the rules were changing and he was quitting.  I desperately wanted to go over to them and tell them playing tag is a fool’s game, but Roman was finally playing with other boys and didn’t want to end it.  But then, acting in the manner he was would probably end the fun between them permanently.  

Last time I was in the pool with the kids they got me to play tag and base was any line in the pool.  There’s only about 6 feet between each line.  Sure enough, any time I tagged Ellie, she would say she had reached the line.  Who was I to argue?  So what did I do?  Quit.
Today I was going to get in the pool after reading for awhile and sure enough the sky went gray and it started to thunder.  Everyone stayed in the pool, but I had no interest in hopping in and then having to hop back out.  It drizzled for a bit, but it still hasn’t commit to raining yet. Annoying.

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