Off to Athens

We decided to go into Athens early rather than have to get up really early Wednesday morning.  I booked two nights at the Holiday Inn Express, but Max and Mitchell were set to spend the night in the dorm.  We got out of Marietta around 8pm and arrived in Athens around 9:30 with very few issues, other than getting stuck behind a very smelly pickup.  

For some reason I thought I could drive around and find the dormitory, but I realized that wasn’t working.  We finally discovered Julie had a map of the dorms, but we didn’t learn this until we finally pulled over and asked someone where Brumby Hall was.  Lucky we got someone that knows her way around there, and we reached the dorm just fine.
We all went up to the room to check it out, and I don’t recall dorm rooms being so small and dreary.  Maybe it’s because no one else was around.  After getting settled in, we went walking outside and Max and Mitchell tried to break off.  But I really didn’t think that was a good idea.  There were literally no other students walking around.  After all, it is summer.  We were finally able to reel them in and after we watched the boys we walk into the dorm, we headed off to the hotel.  Whether or not they went to bed or went right back outside is another question.

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