UGA Orientation, Day One

We got over to Brumby Hall at 8:30am, only to find that Max was in the shower.  Check-in ended at 8:45.  Naturally, they were down shortly before that and we were able to walk over to the Tate Grand Hall with the last group, but had to sit in the back of the room.  We watched the 12 student leaders, called OL’s (I think), take us through their introductions.  I would have been slightly embarrassed to have to do what they did, setting new lyrics to songs like “Can’t Touch This” (with no background music).  Very silly.  

When the students were gone and split into their 12 groups, we listened to information on financial aid, which was beneficial….and scary.  Mitchell, Roman, and Grace sat out of this one, which was appropriate.  Sadly, there really wasn’t much for them to attend, but I think being there was beneficial to some extent.  And I know they loved the lunch.
We went to lunch at one of their new facilities, Village at the Summit, and it was fantastic.  Fortunately, we were one of the last groups to squeeze onto the first bus, and therefore were one of the first groups off of it and in line for food.  This is good, because seats became scarce later.  I went to the “Headliners” section and selected some Crabby Cakes and tarragon chicken.  Also had a salad and plenty of other treats.  What I missed was broccoli soup in a bread bowl, which I didn’t see but Julie said was there.  Mitchell went back for food about 4 times.  He has quite the appetite.  
The UGA food centers are open continuously and one is even open 24 hours and doesn’t close until 8pm on Sunday.  I never really though of the food program as being a selling point for a university, but they take pride in it.  If I was trying to decide between two schools, I could see it breaking the tie.  It sure makes me want to go back to school!  At Kansas State, I was given the choice of two entrees and that was about it.  But then, this was 20 years ago. For all I know, things have changed dramatically there and perhaps UGA was the same way back then.
After lunch we decided to visit the financial aid office.  We talked to a counselor who gave us some hope for getting grant money, as we were initially counted out of it.  I kind of poked in and out of the remaining presentations that afternoon, but I found the Q&A with the students very interesting.  They also had someone from the UGA police department speak towards the end of the afternoon and I thought his presentation was very good and hopefully planted a seed to keep Max out of jail.  Finally, we heard all about the food service, so I won’t get into that again.
We kind of said goodbye to Max, though we really didn’t see much of him.  He was with his group for the rest of the evening and there was to be another round of skits that evening, but we decided not to go back.  Instead, Roman got his wish to eat at a Five Guys and then we went back to the hotel.  Turned out the pool was closed so we weren’t able to do that.  I considered getting another room since we now had Mitchell, but I was able to secure a single bed from the front desk.  Naturally, when Grace saw, this, she wanted to sleep on it, though Roman had already volunteered to give up the bed.  Being the only girl, it probably made more sense to give it to her, but as a matter of principle, it went to Roman.   Besides, Grace complained Roman shifted a lot at night, so I am sure Mitchell wasn’t going to tolerate it as much as she did during the night.

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