UGA Orientation, Day Two

Day 2 wasn’t quite as organized.  I went to a meeting for Creswell Learning groups now that I knew Max was assigned to Creswell Hall, which we literally found out the day before the orientation.  About time.  It wasn’t all that helpful without him being there.  Later when I talked to him about it, he had no idea what I was talking about though they said they talked to the students about it.  Whatever.  Julie and Mitchell were in a meeting for the Honors Program.  Should Mitchell decide he wants to go to UGA as well, I would hope he would consider this program, which seems like a very good way to go.  I saw the Honors program dormitory and that was probably enough of a selling point.  

After going back to the Grand Hall and picking up flyers from the various schools, organizations, clubs, etc., we attended a meeting with Max prior to registering for classes.  He was signed up for the pre-Business track, so we stuck with that one.  However, when the lady leading it started talking about how marketing was the best degree in the business school because she leads it, I let out a rather loud, audible groan.  I know she was saying this because she was the marketing lead, but I still didn’t like it.  I am anti-marketing degree, and I have one.  I think there’s much better ways to go when it comes to getting an undergrad degree.  You can always get an MBA.  
This became a topic of discussion as Max was going to set up his advisor time.  I told him to switch to undecided in the School of Arts and Sciences (B.S. degree), but they had him down as pre-Business.  Probably won’t make a difference the first semester, but when the student helper in line tried to tell him to stay in business simply so he won’t have to take Chemistry, I about wanted to punch her.  I was not happy.  She was obnoxious and not surprisingly a marketing major.  He finally decided to take my advice and I think that’s for the best.  Should he go through a year or two of school and decide to move in a Business direction, I have no problem.  If the major is Marketing, that might be a different story.
We waited for what seemed like an eternity for Max to go to this advisor meeting at 12:30pm, and then we had to wait for him to enroll in one class, which we were perplexed to find out was Italian.  It was now close to 2pm and we were all hungry.  We went to the Snelling Commons to eat, and we would later find they were closing soon.   That’s why I said this day’s schedule was not well organized.  We should have been able to go to lunch earlier, but we would have felt rushed trying to get back for his 12:30 meeting.   Snelling was not as good as Village at the Summit.  Not even close.  But it’s still quite amazing the variety they get.  Plus, it may have been because the food had been sitting out and didn’t taste as fresh.  
We didn’t wait nearly as long as before to catch a bus back to where we were, but there was really nothing left to do other than open a Bulldawg Bucks account (which I funded) and then drove over to tour Ramsey, the exercise facility.  Max was getting a bit punchy and didn’t want to see it.  It was quite impressive, but as a student, I am not sure how often I would get over to use it.
We were out by 4pm, but before I could even get on the road outside the Athens loop, Grace spilled a drink on herself and we had to pull over at Kroger so she could change her pants.  The rest of the way home I had a migraine that stayed with me well past the time we got home.  The Atlanta traffic did not help.  And unfortunately, we were not able to get back in time to pick up Biscuit, so that cost us another $20.
Glad to be back home and it’s back to work tomorrow. 

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