Back in Action

I want to start my blogging (“online diary”) again, but ironically it’s to talk about 2015 getting off to somewhat of a crummy start.  It’s already Day 4 and here’s how it’s been in a nutshell.

Day 1  – Off for the day.  Woke up late.  Listened to a lot of the Fauna Flora album and I think the first song really kind of got me depressed.  Don’t recall leaving the house all day and probably went between watching Simpsons and reading.  We did go out to eat at Sweet Tomatoes, but no one seemed to enjoy it and when we got back Max took off with his friend Drew and didn’t show up again until Saturday!  We watched “Twelve Years a Slave”, a real downer.

Day 2 – Not much different from Day 1, except more rain!  Once again, Julie is working on stuff and I am left to my own devices.  Kansas State loses their bowl game to UCLA.  While this is on, I am watching “Cheap Thrills” on Amazon Prime.  Found out today a friend is going to work for my old company and while I am happy for him, I do find it a bit depressing because things seemed to have improved.

Day 3 – Still more rain.  Finally got the plug removed from the exercise ball using a coin.  This was after Julie and I went out to the store; she bought a frame and I was looking for the piece to remove the plug from the ball.  Two NFL games on today.  I watched bits and pieces of Arizona losing to Carolina (darn). We were playing a lot of “The Resistance” with Max’s friends.  Max then took off for school.  I then caught bits and pieces of the Steelers losing to the Ravens (double darn).  No movie tonight.  Also, got bad news from my mom on their situation that may cause them to move.

Day 4 – Woke up late and we had to go to the 12:30 mass.  But beforehand I found out the heavy rain (will it stop?) flooded out crawlspace and made it so the heat would not turn on!  Uh oh.  I borrowed the neighbor’s sump pump and we have one that automatically goes on in the crawlspace as well.  Got most of the water out and heat is working again.  Watched quite a bit of the Bengals lose to the Colts (triple darn) and even some of the Lions lose to the Cowboys.  Darn again, and this one was the most ridiculous because they should have won.  Darn Cowboys.  I was still in a funk earlier today and had to go out to get a soda.  Just another nothing day, but I am not quite sure what I want out of it.


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