Christmas Music

I’m having a hard time giving up listening to Christmas music.  Listening to “Jim Nabors Christmas” at the moment and what got it all started was spotting that Christopher Cross had a Christmas album.  It is the Epiphany, so it’s still OK in my book.

It’s actually kind of sad how little people decorated for Christmas in our neighborhood this year.  Every Halloween, my neighbor goes nuts and puts a graveyard in the front of his house as well as ghost flying on a motor in his tree.  He works all day to get it right. And takes it all down the next day!  However, he doesn’t put anything up at Christmas.  Nada.  Our tree is still up and probably won’t come down until this weekend.  And heck, I might even turn the front lights on tonight as well!  I just can’t stand the Christmas letdown.  I guess there’s always next year.


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