Football Fallout

I was just taking a survey regarding my opinion of the “Beat the Expert” contest that our company’s gym sponsored this year.  Basically, we had to pick the winners of several football games and received one point if we picked the same as the “expert” (and the team won) and two points if we picked the other team.  We did this for college and NFL. I was stinking up the college right from the start.  But I was in 1st place for much of the season in NFL, but then a staff member passed me, and did it by mainly picking AGAINST the expert.  It worked.  By the last week I was in 3rd place and really put my picks out on a limb.  But little did I know that the 2nd place person would neglect to put in his picks and the staff member counted as a STAFF winner, so there would be two winners.  I ended up getting my all-time low for the season…..4 lousy points.  I ended up in 4th, not even besting the guy that put NO picks in for the week.  We are supposed to get a jersey if we win.  Instead, I walk away with nothing.

Ironically, I finished near dead last in my “friends” pick ’em I do each year, but finished FIRST in Survival, only getting one strike (dang you Dallas!).


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