Simpsons World

I am started to really get back into The Simpsons once again.  It’s not that I ever stopped watching it; I am just more determined to see every episode ever made.  After all, I now own 17 seasons on DVD since Julie got me the latest DVD set for Christmas.  And I think I stopped about halfway into Season 5’s discs, though I did watch a lot if not all of Season 10 for some reason.

I have also been intrigued by a new app called FXNow and the website Simpsons World.  Every episode of the Simpsons is available to stream.  But here’s the deal….I am still not sure I have gotten it to work on my laptop or desktop.  The episode flashes briefly and then won’t play.  Over the Christmas break, some creepy female voice said “this content is currently unavailable” and then someone on Twitter told me it was fixed.  But it’s back to that flashing and not playing business.  On our Android pad, it is REALLY choppy.  I am not sure if this is because of the pad or just the way it is.  On my phone it works great, but the search function doesn’t work, so you have to know the season and episode you are wanting.  I found myself seeking out specific episodes that were on my calendar (now finished) so I could answer the trivia and most of these were Seasons 16-20.  I didn’t get a new calendar this year, but maybe next year when I have finally seen all 550 or so episodes!


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