2014 in Review (Kind of)

Last year I kept telling myself I would blog, and kept writing down things I wanted to talk about in a notepad.  But I never got around to it.  There’s no way I can go into depth about it now.  And since I am a bit of a pessimist, a lot of things may have been the more negative, mundane things that occurred.  Here they are in the order I put them on the list.  I probably started the list somewhere around May.

Simply Suspects – I bought this board game for only 33 cents at a thrift store, along with two others.  This sucker became a family favorite and we even played it again over the holiday.  The board actually got ruined when a peg broke and the company graciously sent a new one!  How cool is that?  I didn’t mention I bought the game at a thrift store.  Somehow I will make it up to them by buying one of their other games.

Plays – The kids appeared in a couple plays this year, one with the homeschool group (A Wrinkle in Time) and another at a playhouse down in Marietta Square.  Name escapes me.

Watching TV/Laptop – I kind of blame my wife, but the habit of watching a show and using the computer at the same time became pervasive this year.  I do it the least, but even I found myself doing it.  Bad habit.

Simpsons calendar – I bought a Simpsons calendar towards the beginning of the year but was disappointed that all the questions revolved around 4 seasons I wasn’t familiar with at all.  As I posted before, I plan to familiarize myself soon.

Subways reward card – Not sure what I wanted to say on this, but starting around October, I go to Subway every Monday for the daily special.  Sandwich, chips, and drink for only $4.50.  It was only $4 up to about a month ago.

Z Quiet – I am still using a mouthpiece to keep from snoring, but instead of Puresleep, I tried a new one.  Not sure it works as well.

San Jose Sharks/Hawks – Not sure why I wrote this either.  Two teams that always lose in the first round of the playoffs maybe?  Hawks are doing GREAT so far this season, so hopefully that all changes.

Biscuit’s knee – Biscuit had an ACL tear and never had surgery due to his weight.  He lost some weight and the knee seems better, but he might have to start taking arthritis type meds.

Mario Kart – Mario Kart 8 came out in the middle of 2014.  As before, it was a big deal.  I played it a lot the first month.  However, I haven’t played it in quite awhile, including the entire break.

Aspirin – no idea.  Stopped taking baby aspirin after I read something it could be more detrimental than helpful?

Bad movies watched – wonder what this could have been?  I think I watched a few movie on Netflix that it was already telling me I wouldn’t like, mostly in the horror genre, like “The Stuff” and “Maximum Overdrive”.  Yeah….they were bad.

Timestalkers plot – Not only do I not remember the “plot”, I have no idea what Timestalkers is.

Six Flags – This was the season Roman and I had passes to go to Six Flags for the summer.  I believe we went 4 times, including a not so fun time around Halloween.  Too crowded.  I believe Grace and Julie came one time when we were allowed to bring a guest for free.  I even thought about going back during the Christmas break, but the only day that really worked for us was January 4th and since he didn’t really get excited about going, we didn’t go.

Cable box switch out – All year long I had issues with AT&T U-verse.  Had a technician come to the house 3 times.  One time he switched the boxes because the screen kept freezing.  Lost all recorded shows.  This did not fix the problem and it wasn’t until a couple months later someone realized it the chewed up lines outside.  Though I said I would not renew with them, XFinity is too much and I need internet.

Botched camping – Went to meet Julie out at the waterfall park (name escaping me) and it poured while we were checking out the waterfall.  I got drenched, had to change, and then had to leave when our tent leaked.  We also went to an AHG family camping event.  Rained during the night.  What is with me, camping, and rain?

Wells Fargo’s terrible rewards program – I rarely use the Wells Fargo credit card, but using some points, I bought some MP3’s.  Steely Dan I believe.  Links didn’t work.  Spent several calls trying to rectify this.  Gave up.

Helped at church – Now doing A/V at the church, but I have no set day I do it.  Fill it for others.

Carol – Jim’s sister Carol died this past year.  Probably in her early 50’s.  Damn cancer.

Re-org – This month I was moved to another group at the company.  Gee….how many times has that happened to me?  It’s yet to be a good thing and well……

Jonas – Lost a friend this year due to texting and something not coming across right.  Really stupid.  My guess is he was looking for a reason to say “goodbye forever” (as he put it), but it’s really sad. He is just intolerant of other’s viewpoints. Move on.  But we have several friends in common, so hopefully it doesn’t affect those people.

WhoSample – Took me a moment to remember what this was.  Very cool website I need to revisit that can tell you if a song has ever been sampled in another song.  AMAZING how many songs have been sampled.

New glasses – I got new glasses in 2014 because the other ones kept slipping off.  But these new ones have been a nightmare as well.  The optician has damaged the lens not once but TWICE (most recently in the last week) trying to tighten them for me.  And the prescription in them has made reading things close way too difficult.  It was a mistake getting the new prescription and she should have told me that.

Rollerskating – Grace and I went rollerskating several times but then tampered off.  Two different skating rinks.  Both offer dollar days where it’s really cheap to go.  We still don’t own our own skates, but I know Grace wants to go back and I do too sometime soon.

Fantasy Football – Almost got into another league at work this year, until I found out it was $100. And I did not accept an invitation to Charlie’s league.

Wrist pain – After we had a company outing at a driving range-type place, I had wrist pain for weeks.  It’s gone now.  Whew.

Love Letter – Sounds like it wouldn’t be a fun game, but it is.  Another inexpensive card game purchased in 2014.  We played it on New Year’s Eve.

Roman’s school performance – It’s been a challenge to say the least getting Roman to perform well in school.  He enjoys fencing and is doing well, but as for his studies, that’s a different story.  When we got an e-mail from a teacher saying he was getting a 29%, I almost fell out of my chair.  How long does it take for a teacher to realize there’s an issue?  Clearly before he’s at 29%.  But thankfully, he did get back on track.  Somewhat. It can only get better.

Fluxx – I mentioned in another post how I have been playing a lot of Fluxx on my phone, but we also own 4 versions of Fluxx now and I always love getting them out.  The newest is Cartoon Network Fluxx, and that was mainly for the kids as I know very little about Cartoon Network’s shows.

Blood Draw – Once again we had to have our blood drawn for the Aetna “Know Your Numbers” campaign and it’s just not getting any easier for me.  I had a doctor appointment in November but we were to complete the screening by October 31st.  So I scheduled time at a different Cox location one week before the due date.  (I couldn’t go on the very last available date, at our office, because of a conflict).  One week before the date I was a wreck all the way up to that day.  And it’s crazy because the needle is so small and it’s not a big deal.  I don’t imagine it will be any easier next time either.

Sky Screamer at Six Flags – This one is a bit out of order, but Julie and Grace accompanied Roman and I one time to Six Flags so they could experience the new area, Hurricane Harbor.  It was fun, but the “highlight” had to be getting on the terrifying Sky Screamer.  It’s one of those swing rides but it goes WAY above the tree tops where the wind has no barriers.  Grace didn’t really want to ride it either, but we made one of those pacts that if one went on it the other would too.  And we rode together.  I think it eased her tension that I was so terrified the whole time we were on the ride (and Iregularly ride rollercoasters) and I wasn’t faking it.  She was laughing the whole time.

Karaoke – I did karaoke for the first time in my life (other than at home) at our work holiday party.  I was near one of the last people to go so the room had cleared out pretty well.  There was a full live band backing me up, which was cool.  The song?  The Cars – “Just What I Needed.”

Cat – We ended the year on what could have been a sad note.  Dusty’s urethra became clogged and for at least 24 hours he could not pee.  He was in agony, making this howling noise, and we thought there was something wrong with his leg as he wouldn’t jump on anything.  The next day Julie bought him to the vet and we got the news.  It was going to cost about $500 to make him better, and if that didn’t work, he was going to need surgery.  We knew we couldn’t afford surgery when they gave us the price, but then when it came time and he needed the surgery, they came back with a much cheaper price and we reconsidered.  Just something else to add to the debt, but so far the cat is doing fine…..though he is one some special diet for now.


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