New Blu-ray Player

Our Sony blu-ray player broke down probably back in October and I must say I haven’t missed it much.  We don’t own very many blu-rays (5 maybe) and seems like we never have time to rent them lately.  The player also served as a portal to Netflix and the like, but I was able to purchase an Amazon Fire Stick for only $19 when they had a special promotion.  It works great, but even that we haven’t used but once or twice since getting it.  I did break down and buy a blu-ray player over the weekend from a site of which I never heard.  It’s a Panasonic player that looks like it sells for $80 everywhere else for only $49.  And free shipping.  Should arrive on Monday though originally it said Friday.  I wanted to be able to watch either blu-ray or DVD in the living room again.  It also has the online services like Netflix and Amazon, so if we ever get another TV (for our bedroom perhaps?) I can use the Fire Stick there, as we won’t need cable.


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