Ravens Once Again

I have grown to hate the Ravens.  They are the one team I never want to see have to play the Patriots in the playoffs, and it looks like they are the Pats first opponent as the road for the playoffs goes through Foxboro.  They are one of those teams (like the Jets) that always seems to play better against the Patriots than any other opponent, especially Terrell Suggs.  I really hope they are able to keep Suggs in check.  And Flacco is always good come playoff time.  We’ll see.  Even if the Ravens win, I don’t think they have what it takes to go to the Super Bowl, so please Patriots…..win this game!

And I can’t believe I am saying this, but I will probably cheer for the Cowboys vs. the Packers this coming weekend.  One sports writer said he thinks the NFL wants the Patriots vs. Cowboys, and to be honest, I would like to see that too!  But I still remember the year I thought it would be my dream Super Bowl, Patriots vs. Falcons (can’t lose), and we got the opposite….Harbaugh Bowl.


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