Early Rising Weekend

Yesterday I had to get up to let in the termite inspection guy.  I woke at 8am, which is really not that bad at all, but for some reason I was up until about 2am so I could finish watching Snowpiercer and reading.  However, this morning I woke at 6:20 to do the church AV.  This was after going to bed around 12:20.  Therefore, I put “nap” in my plans for today.  I am not much of a nap guy though.  I ended up napping for about 2 hours, which is too long.  Plus, I had the heat turned on in the mattress pad, so that made things a bit too warm.

I turned on the Cowboys vs. Packers game just in time to see three kneel downs by the Packers.  Yet another controversial call, but then what comes around goes around since they were helped last week by the refs picking up a flag when they weren’t called for PI against the Lions.

I officially took the tree down today, though all of the ornaments were removed yesterday.

It warmed up a bit (high in the 40’s) and I took the dog out for a walk, but he was limping again due to the ACL tear.  Perhaps cold weather making it worse?  Don’t know.


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