What a Screw Up

Over the holidays, I had a couple things that happened that surprisingly lead to a full refund, even though I kept the product.  First I ordered a pair of shoes, and only one arrived in the mail.  Not only did the company ship the second shoe, they gave me my a FULL refund.  I didn’t even ask for any money.  And the shoes were available to give to Max on Christmas day.

After Christmas, I was inflating my exercise ball when I realized that I wanted to add more air after putting in the plug.  The instructions said there was a tool to remove the plug, but I couldn’t find it.  So I wrote the company.  This time, things did not go well.  The company kept saying that I was wrong and that they do not include the tool, and the whole time I am communicating through Julie’s e-mail.  (It was bought through Amazon, but fulfilled by a different seller).  I finally had to scan the instructions and send them to the company.  THEN they admitted their mistake, but by that time I was angry.  I had already written Amazon and I told the company I didn’t care if they refunded the money or not because I already wrote them a poor review.  But I believe Amazon came through and refunded the money anyway!  Also, Julie paid shipping on this when it should have been Prime, but that’s a different story.  I have no idea how she messed that one up.

Today I was expecting my new Panasonic Blu-ray player, bought from some company I have never heard of until I bought it called A4C.  It was $30 less than the next highest price!  What a deal.  It showed up today….in the form of an Insignia 9″ portable DVD player.  Wow.  Talk about screw up.  I already wrote the company but don’t expect a reply until tomorrow at the earliest.  Really hacks me off as I was excited to get it going.  Now I might be waiting another week or longer.  The purchase says it’s “guaranteed by Google”, but I have no idea what that means.


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