Acting as a referee at a fencing tournament is called directing, and I did it for the first time today.  Typically I only act as a scorekeeper or a timekeeper, but the need more volunteers and especially more volunteers that can act as a director.  The hardest part for me at first was just remembering what to say.  “On guard….fencers ready?…..Fence!”  I could never remember “on guard”.  Yet, sometimes when I wanted to say “halt”, I said “on guard”, which made zero sense.  I only got into a pickle once when a guy (who would eventually take 2nd place overall) challenged me on a call in which I awarded his opponent one point though he likely stepped out of bounds before the opponent touched him.  But considering he kept straddling the left line and going out of bounds, he got what he deserved.  Hey, he still won.

Roman made it into the elimination rounds, but lost to his first opponent.  He was fencing in the pool directly behind where I was helping so it was a bit distracting.  The tournament went pretty quickly and we were out by 3pm.


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