The Big Games

Today was the NFC (1st game) and AFC Championship games.  I was hating having to wait so long for the AFC game to come on, but since it was a Sunday, 4pm came along pretty quickly.  I tried reading the rules to Axis & Allies while I was watching the NFC game, but I kept marveling how the Packers were beating up the Seahawks so badly.  In fact, after halftime, I took the dog for a walk and then played a little Mario Kart 8, which was the first time I played it in a very long time.  Even had some new cars to download.  But then I got a text from Nathan saying that the “Packers look like they might get pounded.”  Huh?  Sure enough I tune in and see Seahawks go ahead in the game with only 90 seconds left!  What the?  The Packers tied it up, sent it into overtime, but then in only 2 plays the Seahawks threw a TD and won the game!  I wasn’t sure who I wanted to win the game, as I fear the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, but I don’t really care for the Packers either.

The AFC game was, fortunately, a blowout.  Colts scored once in the first half and that was it.  Weather conditions were poor, and the Pats ran the ball…..a lot.  I am surprised the Colts didn’t run it more.  So in 2 weeks it will be Patriots vs. Seahawks.  It’s going to be a tough test.  Can Brady finally get that 4th ring?  Stay tuned.

P.S.  Never did figure out how to play Axis & Allies.

P.S.S.  Had to go grocery shopping when the excitement was over.


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