It Got Worse

I already had to endure sending me a portable DVD player instead of my Blu-ray player, but after sending it back and waiting another week or so, the replacement came today.  Or did it?  USPS said it arrived today at 12pm.  I called Julie later in the day and she reported, “No package.”  Uh oh.  So now I have no idea when I will get it, or if I will get it, or if it will even be the right product.  Never ordering from them again.

Tonight we went to Chipotle for a promotion they were having: order the Sofrias this time and get a free burrito when you come back.  It was Roman, Julie, and I.  I was surprised that Roman ordered the Sofrias.  I actually couldn’t detect how it tasted but Julie sound it was like ground turkey.  OK then.  Didn’t taste terrible, but I’ll stick with the chicken.


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