Open House at the High School

Tonight we went up to Pope to talk to the teachers of Roman and Mitchell at our own leisure.  What I found out in the past is the spring session is much less crowded than fall since most classes last all year and the parents already met the teachers the previous time.  But for us, getting back in front of Roman’s teachers was crucial.  Though he started out much better this semester than last semester, he is resorting back to his old ways: not studying, forgetting homework, etc.  But all his teachers say he’s bright but just gets a little spaced out at times. And most importantly they seemed compassionate about wanting to help.  I was especially nervous about getting in front of his science teacher after he just barely passed the class, but he of all of them expressed the most concern and let us know specifics of what was going on with Roman.

No issues with Mitchell, who strives to dominate in all his classes.  Good for him.  I still think college will be a challenge.  And it will not only challenge him with coursework, but in really zoning in on what he wants to do in life.  I was lead to believe I would be a good engineer, and maybe I would have, but it didn’t feel right to me.  But I hope it’s everything he wants it to be.


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