Super Bowl

Unbelievable.  I was upstairs and apparently Grace told me there was a knock at the door, but I don’t recall her saying this.  To boot, Julie was sitting downstairs and heard the knock but didn’t realize it was someone at the door.  So who was it?  Apparently the person that received my package on Monday.  They left it at the door and took off, so now I will never know where it was really left off.  Arrgggh.  I e-mailed A4C back to let them know I received it and to cancel the credit they were issuing me.  But first I tried it and found it worked perfectly.

Tonight of course was the Super Bowl, and if the Patriots are involved, you know it’s possibly going to be one for the ages.  It certainly lived up to that promise.  Though the Patriots dominated the Seahawks in the first half, the score was 14-14 at halftime.  And then came the 2nd half (after a Katy Perry halftime show I didn’t watch).  The Seahawks got the ball first and I believe they may have converted it into a field goal.  A few possessions later the Patriots turned it over and the Seahawks capitalized with a TD.  With a 10-point deficit, I honestly thought it was all over.  It’s the Seahawks #1 defense they’re up against after all.

The Seahawks had a couple chances to bury the dagger, especially with a key drop by Kearse, broken up by little used Malcolm Butler.  The two would meet again.  Julie came into the room right around the start of the 4th quarter, and things turned around for the Patriots.  They drove downfield and Brady threw another TD pass, this time to Amendola.  And then another TD drive to Edelman put them ahead with only 2 minutes left in the game.  Uh oh.  We know what happened in the past with time left on the clock and 2 minutes is an eternity.  First a long pass to Marshawn Lynch, covered by Jamie Collins, who had a rough day in my opinion.  A couple plays later came the soul crusher: a perfectly defenseed pass to Kearse, broken up by Butler, but as Kearse lands on his back, the ball hits him in the foot and bounces miraculously into his hands.  Talk about deflation.  I could not believe it or bear to see them lose again like this.  I almost cried.  But then another miracle was in store.  And once again it was Malcolm Butler involved.  With only 20 seconds left in the game and the Seahawks on the 1-yard line, they chose to pass the ball and it was intercepted at the goal line!  Incredible play!  Seahawks fans and analysts all asked the same question, “Why would you not give it to Marshawn Lynch?!?!”  I don’t know and I don’t care.  Patriots win.  Game over.  Hallelujah.


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