The Search Continues

On both Thursday and Friday I was out looking for the Sport Illustrated cover with the Patriots winning the Super Bowl as I would like to keep it as a bit of a souvenir.  Walmart had (and STILL have) the previous issue on display with the Legion of Boom. I also checked Publix, Kroger, QT, Walgreens, and Target.  Nothing.  I posted the issue I was having and Lee simply asks, “You want mine?”  Would I!? Very cool.

Mitchell’s friends were over at the house today decorating his room and throwing him a surprise party.  Both he and Julie had to clean it up to allow someone to come in it.  But now he has a whole new mess to deal with.

Also, I spent a couple valuable hours up at the church for an orientation about Audio-Visual.  And got a free lunch to boot!


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