I’m 0-3!

I may even be 0-4 for all I know.  I am referring to having flowers sent to my wife.  I thought I had put an order online at FTD on Wednesday.  Apparently it was one of those times I thought the order was complete and it was not as I just got off the phone with a complete numbskull at FTD and she said I didn’t place an order.  It was ridiculous.  First, after explaining what happened and telling her I wanted to check on whether or not I placed an order, she asks me, “Do you want to place an order?”  Long pause from me.  I go over it again and this time she asks for my phone number.  When there is nothing found for my cell number, I then give her my home number.  This time it seems promising!  She asks me my name.  I tell her, but then the numbskull seems like she is going to tell me I don’t match the person it is being sent to so I give her Julie’s name.  Then she asks for my address.  Give it to her and thinking she has to be confirming it because this dummy is not about to spell everything correctly that I gave her.  Then Einstein asks me, “What was written on the card?”  Are you serious?  We’ve come this far and you are going to try and tell me I have to match that?  In the end, idiot says, “Sorry, sir.  I cannot find your order.”  LOL.  FTD are the same ones I put an order for 7 years ago and the flowers never arrived.  COMPLETELY done using them.  I only used them over From You Flowers or ProFlowers because I had an offer for free shipping.


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