New Tires for My Valentine?

New tires, but not for Julie.  Actually, had to buy 4 new ones for the Matrix.  Thought maybe it would be two only but the auto place, who I trust, seemed convinced all 4 needed to go.

We didn’t really have any plans for Valentine’s Day, but all worked out OK.  After eating a lot of chocolate to start the day, we had dinner at Pure Taqueria.  I said we wouldn’t join all the nuts that eat out for Valentine’s Day, but since we we had no kids, it only made sense. Had a table to two right near the door with no waiting.  Afterwards, out timing worked out that we went over to Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee shop.  Julie had a Mocha and I had a Caramilla (or something like that).  Both were huge and quite delicious.  Decafe for both of us.

Julie had to go pick up Roman and Grace at teen night afterwards, and I continued to work on taxes and submitted the FAFSA for Mitchell.  Not a bad day, other than having to pay for those darn tires.


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