Florida, My Birthday, and More

I was going to try and write backdated posts for the days I missed but it’s now just too much.  So here’s a rundown of some things.

Last Tuesday (not yesterday), all but Mitchell went to see “Big Hero 6”.  I thought it was decent, but not great.  It did go on to win the Academy Award for best animated movie.

Big news!  The PacMania table top game is back on the 2nd floor!  I had given up on it ever coming back.  Nice.

I took off on Friday and got out of town with Grace before a storm was supposed to hit.  We drove to Florida to see my parents and arrived around 7:30pm. It was a bit of an odd trip.  I gave them the mosaic Julie made and I brought back their exercise bike.  I also netted a bunch of new state and national park quarters for my collection, among other things.

Saturday we were to go out to eat for my birthday at Outback Steakhouse.  But for lunch, we decided to get Mexican food.  I just had no idea we would be driving 40 minutes to go eat in the middle of nowhere.  The food was good, but I was stuffed for the rest of the day.  Things weren’t so good at Outback as my mom and Grace were given raw steak.  I gave Grace mine, but my mom and I never did get a properly cooked steak until it was time to leave.  And nothing was taken off the bill.  Nice job, Outback.  F.

We taught them how to play Love Letter that night with mixed results.

After messing around with technology Sunday morning, we headed to Tampa  Bay Downs and watched 4 races.  I actually picked a longshot to show and he did!  Still, it was only $9.80 on a $2 bet.  For the big money, you have to hit the exacta or trifecta.  Afterwards, we went to Sun Groves for ice cream and stopped at Phillipe Park.  We were going to go down on the small bit of sand at Phillipe when my dad had the idea to go to Hudson Beach.  Never again.  I think it’s the 2nd time I drove into that hell hole.  There was no parking and when we did find a spot some mental case stood in it to save for someone else.  Nuts.  We left without ever standing on sand. Sad.

Sunday night was the Academy Awards.  I missed the opening number (I should probably watch it since it might have been the best part of the show from what I heard).  I thought Neil Patrick Harris stunk it up, but then I am not a fan.  I picked the winners with amazing accuracy.  My mom and I stayed up for the whole show, which lasted past midnight.  “Birdman” ended up winning, which I hadn’t seen at the time.  Now that I have seen it, I wish something (anything) else had won.  I didn’t like it.  The next morning my dad said that Fox News ran the headline that “American Sniper was snubbed”.  Whatever.  I don’t agree as we can’t go with the movie that made the most money.  If we did, “Transformers” would have a bunch of Oscars.  Not to say “American Sniper” is on that level, as I am sure it is not and I do plan to see it.

After driving back all day on Monday, we celebrated my birthday on Tuesday.  I really thought work my be closed that morning, and school was not canceled until 9am (after a late announced 2 hour delay).  We actually got snow that morning.  So I went in late and even had lunch at my desk (yuck).  I left on time and got home quick due to light traffic.  We went to dinner at Sonny’s (big meat!) and then came back and opened gifts.  The big gift was Demetri Martin tickets for March 27th.  But I also got a Yes DVD, a tire inflator, a bacon bowl creator (did not ask for), and also the Mario Kart expansion.  We played Mario Kart and then watched the aforementioned “Birdman”.  Wasn’t impressed.

Today they closed the office at noon.  And it has been slowing or letting down freezing rain for most of the afternoon and evening.  Not sure how it will affect tomorrow, but they already called off school.

The other big news is I am being interviewed for not one but both of the positions I applied.  I will have my first in-person tomorrow, should the weather permit.

Oops….just found these late entries on a post-it:

I took a survey on Last.fm where you enter your name in a drawing.  I got all the way to the end and accidentally skipped where I put in my e-mail address.  Nice.

A week ago was Ash Wednesday and therefore the previous day was Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday).  I made a point to eat quite a bit.  Since then, I believe I exercised once.  This weather has sent everything topsy turvy, including my willingness to work out.


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