Wide Open Weekend

We had zero plans this past weekend, and yet I never feel fulfilled with the way time was spent.  I’m still not sure what I did Friday night, but I know part of it was spent trying to read “Further Adventures”, and I fell asleep.

I received two new games in the mail with my birthday money: Marvel Legendary and Formula D.  Still don’t know how to play either, though I started reading the instructions for Legendary and tried to watch a video, which I found too boring and confusing.  So I still have yet to try either one, though the instructions for Legendary are sitting next to me as I type this.

Grace felt sick Friday night (was running a fever) but felt well enough on Saturday for us to use her Movie Tavern gift certificate.  A $25 gift certificate does not go far there, however.  Even with my free birthday ticket, it was $31 for tickets so I paid $6.  But then another $54 was spent on food.  The movie we saw was “McFarland, USA.”  It certainly followed the Disney formula, but it was done well and we all enjoyed it.  Later than night, Julie and I also watched “Zero Dark Thirty”.  I know I had that on the DVR at one time and may have even checked it out from the library before.  Very good movie, even though I fell asleep through part of it.  Why Julie never wakes me up when this happens is beyond me.  She tells me I need to sit up.  Well duh!

Earlier that day I also checked out my “Yes Union DVD”.  Interesting, but wondering if it will have replay value since it is not widescreen, which was annoying.

I spent a great chunk of Sunday early afternoon paying bills and doing general finances.  Why must this always eat up so much time?  I even considered going to see a movie at our dollar theater (Interstellar), but it was going to be much too long to spend watching a movie.  We tried to have a game night, but “The Resistance” ended with arguing and then Roman and Mitchell announce they have homework.  Way to get it done beforehand boys..  Actually, Roman didn’t announce it.  I doubt he will ever admit to having homework. Anyway, Ticket to Ride was never played.

Watched several shows tonight, including the new Will Forte comedy “The Last Man on Earth”.  First episode was kind of weak, but it redeemed itself with the second!

I was in a bit of a haze for most of this morning.  Got off to a late start and had a lame workout.  Hadn’t heard anything on the new job front, but hopefully might get some news later this week.


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