More Mundane Things

I feel like my blogging is not only lacking any meaningful content, but also is written fairly poorly compared to the way I used to write.  I guess I am always rushing it or distracted by something else.  And today’s content will continue the trend of not being meaningful AND I am being distracted (listening to a Dice Tower YouTube video of their 10 most hated games).

I purchased a lot of indie music today, and by indie I mean you can only (currently) find it on Bandcamp.  One is the new Evil Arrows EP, simply called EP 5.  I believe I bought the previous 4 EP’s on EMusic or Amazon.  But the new EP was not on Amazon, and that’s OK because it’s cheaper on Bandcamp and goes directly to the artist.  Or so they say.  I had to do two separate transactions because there were two artists from which I bought.  The other is Timmy Sean’s “Songs of the Week”, in which he follows in the footsteps of Ash except taking it a step forward by publishing a song EACH week and not every other week.  However, I am not sure I actually paid for all 52 songs, so I had to write the artist.  He was very cool and told me to write back if I wasn’t able to download next week’s song.  Finally, I bought Bryan Scary’s (who is also part of Evil Arrows) solo album which can only be found on PledgeMusic at the moment, so first he has to raise the money.  Sounds like an interesting project.

In the last two days I have created additional artist playlists on Spotify, one for Spoon and one for The Samples.  I believe I may have completed The Samples list faster than I ever have completed an artist list.  I am almost done with Spoon and plan to finish this week.  My goal now is to start publishing a blog of these lists on April 1st.  And hopefully people will mock me and make me feel like a fool.  Actually, didn’t rally plan on April 1st, just 2nd quarter of the year.

Finally, I set a new high score on Pac Mania today!  But even more miraculous was there was someone else playing the table top game today.  That’s the first time I have seen anyone else using the game.  In case I leave, I know it’s in good hands.


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