End of an Era in NE?

New England did not pick up Vince Wilfork’s option, making him a free agent.  Not too surprising.  He’s getting up there in age but still solid.  And that doesn’t mean he won’t be back necessarily.  He would have to play for less.  He’s been with New England 11 years.  How time flies.

I thought the Ballistic Fitness class was canceled today when the fitness center lady canceled the class from Outlook, but apparently it was not canceled.  I don’t think I was the only one confused.  I still worked out, but didn’t go down until 1pm.  Since we had Zoe’s brought in for lunch, I decided the more time to digest, the better.

Spotify had an update today to their desktop software and so far I am hating it.  First of all, all third party apps are gone, including Last.fm.  So thinks look a lot more sparse. However, it still scrobbles.  If it didn’t, that would be a serious issue. Second, when I hit the “X” in the top right corner, it USED to minimize to the tray.  Nope.  It closes now and I don’t see an option to change this.  So I have been closing it down all the time now when I simply want to minimize.  Going to take awhile to get used to that.  Lastly, people are complaining about the activity bar, but in my mind, that was never working properly before and now it seems to be updating in real time but only keeping the most recent song someone listened to.  I think I like this more.  At least I didn’t lose my playlists.  That would have been a SERIOUS downer.


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