Wasted Night at a Sprint Store

Last night was a disaster, yet somehow I didn’t blow my top.  I visited a Sprint Store to convert all my existing lines over to Sprint.  It’s been something I have been mulling over for 2 months now and finally decided to pull the trigger.  And I still didn’t feel comfortable about it.  I hate wireless service.  Anyway, we had it all figured out, new phones picked out, etc., when we hit a snafu because Julie and Max’s phone number were Sioux City area codes.  Apparently, Spring has no service there, though it’s only 4 hours north of KC.  Go figure.

What this meant is the $15 access fee for the lines ($30 in all) would not be waived for a year, adding $30 to my bill.  Reluctantly, I agreed.  But after we had ported the numbers over to Spring, the salesman realized that I would also not have the cancellation fees paid by Sprint on the two new numbers.  He was very apologetic about it, and I just laughed it off.  But it took an hour on the phone with Verizon to get my service back.  And all the time I am sure Verizon was suspicious about me making a change, as she came suggesting services, telling me I was getting the lowest price, etc.

So now to make the change I have to change the numbers for Max and Julie through Verizon’s service.  I already did so for Max and will do so for Julie today.  Still feel sick about the whole thing and having to go through the process all over again.  Terrible.


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