My First Game Night

I went to a meeting for a Meetup group I joined that plays board games Monday night.  It’s the first time not only for this group but ANY group of its type.  It delivered the goods with rather strange people but as we got to playing I didn’t really think about it.  But I didn’t really learn as many names as I would have liked.

I learned two new games: Rise to Power and Letters to Whitechapel.  It was the first time any of us played Rise to Power, and I was amazed that I won.  It took me awhile to grasp what the heck was going on.  When they were ready to start another game, I was ready to bow out.  But that left me with only two other guys to play with, and one wasn’t talking.  The other one I had been playing Rise with Power, and I could tell he wanted to play something intellectually challenging.  I am happy I got to try Letters to Whitechapel, which is based on the murders of Jack the Ripper.  He played as Jack the Ripper and the 3 of us played as detectives.  The game took the rest of the night and we didn’t get to finish.  Nor did we catch Jack.


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