Saturday Fun!

It all started with one of my favorite biannual events: the library book sale.  It’s starting to lose its luster, but I spent almost two hours there anyway and spent $11 in all.  Mostly fiction….most of which will probably never be read.

I had to take Grace and her friend to an AHG meeting after that, and after spending a little time at home, it was back to the Sprint store!  The guy at the store didn’t think I would ever come back.  Not sure what to think of that.  It took awhile, but the deal went down.  I still don’t feel great about it though.  Haven’t heard from Verizon….yet.

After spending a great deal of time getting the phones to the right people and explaining the rules, we played a lot of games.  Evan came over and Anne Marie was already at our house, so we played a six person game of Resistance (spies win – Roman and I!), Love Letter, Simply Suspects, and finally….Balderdash.  We had 8 people playing Balderdash, which was a little much.  But good times!


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