Game Night at ATC

Wednesday night was ATC’s monthly game night, held at our offices (but not on our game floor, go figure).  It’s the first one I attended and I was not made aware of it until I saw a promotional ad in our elevator bay.  The organizer told me it was the first time they advertised it.  Prior to this, it was mostly people in IT.  Just like at Catalina.  Why do the IT people have all the fun?  Or at least the type of fun I enjoy.

While there was an XBox 360 present, we mostly played board/card games.  Surprisingly, we played 3 of the 4 games I brought, so I didn’t really learn anything new.  It got kicked off with Zombie Fluxx.  This is good because it doesn’t get much play at our house.  While some went off to play Clue and Settlers of Cataan, I taught two other guys to play Love Letter.  Seems they enjoyed it.  We capped the night with four of us playing Formula D (with Advanced Rules this time).  I pulled off the win, but we all remained close until the end and everyone enjoyed it.  However, I’ve yet to do two laps.  Maybe next time.  I will certainly return to this game night next month.  Looking forward to it!  Very different than the outside group that meets, who are a bit more introverted and more hardcore.

We had our carpets cleaned yesterday.  They were much in need of it.  The carpets still had a damp feel last night after I got home so I have a feeling I will be moving furniture back when I go home tonight

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