Easter A/V

Today I did the A/V at the 10:30 mass and things went horribly.  We arrived early enough that the family was seated right behind me so they saw the failure first hand.  It’s not like it was all my fault or preventable.  The system locked up, just like it did at Christmas time, but this time only once.  We had someone doing the broadcast for those sitting outside the church and it complicated things.  On the other hand, it was helpful to have him there because I still get a little lost as to when to show certain slides.  The biggest miss was when right after the homily finished I realized we had no slides for the creed.  People started saying it, but there was little unity in the speech.  We scrambled to get it up and managed to do so by the 2nd slide.  There was also some confusion around the end as Ed changed the order of the songs and improvised a bit with repeated verses.  All in all, Julie gave me a 5 out of 10.  But we made it through, and that’s all that counts.


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