Game Night, Round 3

This past Monday’s game night was a big success.  I got in 4 games and they were all terrific.  It all started when I got there right at the start and fell in with a group of three others to play a game no longer in print called Code 777.  I was a little intimidated by it at first, but when I won, that all went away.  It’s one of those games of deduction where you have to eliminate possibilities until you can get to figuring out what numbers you have that you cannot see but everyone else can.

Next came Small World, which I have wanted to play for some time since I own it on a computer but could never make sense of it.  I struggled to learn all the intricacies, but somehow won again.  I can’t decide if it’s my type of game, but it’s something I am very happy I got to play.

At this point, one of the guys I played Code 777 and Small World was still with me and we grabbed a couple others and played Istanbul.  Again, I had never played.  But this may have been my favorite, even though I played poorly.  I had never played a game like it before.  Very unique.  However, the other guy that had been playing with me said it’s the third time he has won the game in a row and he thinks he has it figured out.  That’s not really a good sign.

With 15 minutes left, out came Red7.  Very fun card game and since it’s cheap, I plan to buy it.  Speaking of buying, I did purchase Arboreturn from the group’s online game store but haven’t played it yet.  Maybe tonight?


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