Ugh….What a Day

I started this morning at the dentist office, where the hygienist pulled on my teeth with the plaque scraper in a way I never experienced before.  I survived, but then I drove in rain yet again, trying to get to work at a decent time.  After all, I was planning to leave work early.

All day I worked on putting together a monthly file and this time I knew it was perfect.  After having a lame lunch at my desk which consisted of a frozen Indian food meal (again, so I could leave early), I put the file out for everyone to see.  But shortly before it was time to leave, I noticed a serious error: a column was left empty of all values.  Looks like I wasn’t done, but it was time for me to head home.

The plan was to go skating with Grace at Hot Wheels.  The session started at 5 and I got home about 5:10, changed, and we headed over.  When we pulled into the parking lot, it was practically empty.  Some guy came out of a camper-like vehicle parked next to the building and actually gave me the “throat slit” sign to signify they were closed.  How about an explanation?  “We are redoing the rink.”  I had already checked the website earlier that day and no mention.  However, there WAS a mention on Facebook.  What about people who don’t use Facebook?  Or Twitter (even more believable)?  We then looked up Sparkles to find out that they are closed every Wednesday.  So we went to Taco Bell instead.  I had told myself a 2-3 weeks back I wouldn’t eat inside a Taco Bell again.  Consider that band lifted, I guess.  I did it for Grace.

But what Grace wouldn’t do for me tonight is stop whining. I showed both her and Julie how to play Red7, and Grace was really letting it stress he out rather than enjoy it.  And then I made the mistake of showing her and Roman Arboretum.  Madon.  One complain after another .  The game capped off with an argument between me and Grace about when she last bathed,  She thought I was joking as she didn’t know that “to bathe” could mean “bath” OR “shower.”  So she kept laughing and saying, “What?”  I kept telling her to go take bath and she kept saying, “What do you mean?”  Didn’t make any sense so I chased her out of the room and she thought I was joking. Things calmed down later and we all watched “The Middle”, but I am ready to hang it up and go to bed!  Time to put an end to this day and hope for the best tomorrow.


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