Just Can’t Get Myself to Write

It’s not that anything particularly exciting is going on, but I actually wrote everything down that happened last week and then never bothered putting it in here.  So I have to get a caught up soon.

But while it’s fresh in my memory, Julie and I went to the Good Mews flea market on Saturday.  I bought a Heinlein book, an LP (Heartbeat City), a Blu-ray (Source Code, still in wrapper!), a DVD (The Aviator, as I have been wanting to see and never really see it available to stream), and a CD (Neil Diamond’s “Melody Road”, to give to my dad).  We also stopped by the Goodwill store, but didn’t get anything there.

That night I went to buy pillows, among other things, at Walmart.  We are all due for new pillows.  I ran into a guy in the meat section that told me Kohl’s had pretty good pillows for $2.99.  So now I knew I had to put the pillows back because even if I didn’t believe him or didn’t think there were still any available, I didn’t want to run into him in the checkout line.  Speaking of checkout line, they had ONE line open at 9pm and I used self-check.  What a disaster. Tired of stores doing that.  Walmart’s self-check is much worse than any other store, like Kroger.

I did get the pillows today at Kohl’s.  I also bought containers for my comics and some stray CDs after buying a container to transport board games in.  Container crazy.

I did the fit test for “Insanity” today. It’s a bear. I really wonder if I should be attempting to do this workout.  Not sure when I will do it.


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