It Keeps Getting Worse

Monday I drove into work early to hit the gym, as I normally do.  I brought my gym bag back to my car afterwards, as I normally do.  I headed out to lunch at Subway, as I normally…..wait!  Where did these scratches all over the side of my car come from?  Low and behold, deep scratches and even a dent were on my passenger side door and I had not noticed them earlier in the morning.  How is this possible?  Did someone try to back into the spot next to me since the time I had dropped off my bag, hit my car, and then take off?  Argggghh!  I looked at all the cars nearby to see if there was any gold paint on them.  Nothing.  So I drove to Subway in a bad mood.

While waiting in line, I sent a text to Julie telling her about it and the response I got shocked (but not necessarily surprised) me.  “I did it yesterday,” she said.  So this would be the 3rd time she scratched up my car?  I lost count.  Apparently, she was parallel parking and hit a landscaping rock.  I have told her she (as opposed to me) will be getting the scratches out.  She has already gone to Advance Auto to buy rubbing compound but I am still waiting.  Why do I get the feeling I will be working to get them out within the next week?


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