What Goes Down on an Extended Weekend

A lot, but it could be more.  First off, it could have been a five-day weekend, but I decided to go into work on Friday.  I didn’t like the idea of having to take a half day on a day we get out at 2pm, and Mitchell’s graduation party was not until 3pm.

So Thursday was officially the day of the graduation, held at Kennesaw State University.  Kind of a drive to get there and though we felt like we got there plenty early, we still ended up in the nosebleed section.  No matter, as any seat is fine when they project it.  We waited a long time for them to call Mitchell’s name, but when they did, we all cheered.  Max took it a step further by yelling, “Big Money Mitchell!”  Always out to embarrass us.  My parents were there with us and afterwards we hunted for Mitchell so that we could get some pictures.

Thursday evening we all went to dinner at Longhorn along with Chris P., who was in town for a meeting.  We then came back and played some Friday the 13th, a new card game I got a couple weeks ago.  It turned out to be the game of choice for the weekend.

As stated, Friday we had Mitchell’s graduation party at the house which got great turnout.  The weather was fantastic, so we played more games outside and hung out.  Saturday was more hanging out with the parents and playing games, but we also all went to see “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” in the middle of the afternoon.

I didn’t see my parents on Sunday as they headed back to Tampa.  Instead, I drove over to a board game flea market, only to get turned away since I wasn’t paying to stay at Game-o-rama.  Maybe next year.  As I was driving back, Max alerted me to a sale going on a J. Crew at the outlet mall.  In the end, Julie and I ended up taking him there to buy some clothing at various stores.  Some stuff was a good deal, but some not really that great.  Oh well.  Later that evening we watched “Big Eyes”, which I had been wanting to see.

Monday became the new Sunday, so in turn it felt like 5 hours long and a mess.  Everything was fine until I sent Julie out to buy Max a vacuum at Walmart and she bought the wrong one.  I had to bring it back and get the right one.  Roman, Grace, and I played Forbidden Desert (and lost) and later that evening we added Julie and played Antidote.  So 2 of my new games were played. Still more to go.

Been feeling like bugs are crawling on me lately.  DO NOT LIKE.  Only seems to happen when I am home.


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