R.I.P. Chris Squire

I was very saddened on Sunday to hear that Chris Squire of Yes had passed away at 67.  It was only a little over a month ago he was diagnosed with leukemia.  I worried that at his age his chances of survival might be slim, but I never would have guessed it would take only a month.

Other than Jeff Lynne, I can’t think of another musician that would bring me more grief.  Not that I flat out cried, but it just really put things in perspective.  I have a picture of Squire that I bought at some flea market years ago….college maybe?  It’s in a matte frame.  I am not sure where it’s at, but i know I still have it and will need to pull it out.

One of my favorite bands will never be the same, and quite frankly, I would prefer they not continue as a band.  But then, Squire would likely want them to continue, That’s just the type of musician he was.  He was Yes through and through.


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