This Week in Board Games

Monday night I attended game night at Jason’s Deli, and this time brought a guest: Brad from work.  Upon arriving, we were sucked into a game of Terra Mystica.  TM is yet another overly complex worker placement game with too many things going on that “board game critics” are supposed to love.  It’s a thinly veiled theme placed overlying a “point salad” (coined by Tom Vassel) game structure.  It’s not that it was all bad, but if it’s your first time playing it and you don’t want to keep the game going slowly, there is really no way you are going to keep track of all the ways to gain points.  Us novices were trounced by the veteran to no surprise.  And it only took about 3 hours.  Ouch.  Again, it’s not bad, but I have played much better.  Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple, or in this case simpler.

After this game, we had a hard time getting everyone on board to play the same game and eventually settled on King of New York. I found one of my tiles missing from the game and it’s the first time I played it!  But last week I let another group play it.  Could they have possibly lost it?  Or did I neglect to punch it out (unlikely)?  I guess I will have to make do.

On Tuesday night it stormed really hard and the four of us (Mitchell was at a party) gathered in the living room to play Love Letter.  It was a very even match when they decided they were about done playing, so we teamed up with Roman and I having 3 cubes and Grace and Julie having 3.  Whoever wins the round wins the game.  It came down to Roman, Grace, and I when Grace used her Baron on Roman….wait!  After she saw his excitement for selecting him, she changed her mind.  But can she do that?  I said no, because at that point you are getting information on the one person and then challenged the other.  It was a bit much.  Game over, we won, but Grace wouldn’t let it go without a fight.  And more fighting.  And more fighting.  Sigh.

Last night I tried playing Marvel Legendary for the first time solo and not sure if I want to do it again.  First off, the cards were messed up and so I had to spend 30 minutes cleaning it up.  Then I searched the internet to get clarification on a scheme.  Once that was finally settled, it was after 10pm.  Do I put it away or play?  I ultimately decided to play and found it fairly boring after the first 20 minutes or so.  Maybe it was the scheme I chose, I don’t know.  I won, and won big.  And never really felt threatened.  It was the polar opposite of when I played Baseball Highlights 2045 solo.

Today I decided to send an invite out to my game peeps at work to play games at lunch after realizing I had not brought home the games I lent to David.  David was the first to accept, and then Karthkik.  David introduced us to a new game called “The Red Dragon Inn 2”.  I had never heard of it.  Like Baseball Highlights 2045, it’s also a game where you can counter other players’s actions, but you don’t have to wait for your turn.  Overall, I enjoyed it, though the cards had a lot to read.  It helps that I won due to a lucky betting round.  We had enough time to get in a game of Fluxx, so we did!

I am not so sure I won’t play a game tonight.  The night is still young!


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