The Week in Games

Last Monday’s game night was pretty darn lame.  Bad turnout for starters.  Then I didn’t get a game going until about 6:15, and no one was super excited to play anything.  So I brought out Lost Temple for 3 of us.  When it was over, I hit the high road.

On Wednesday was game night we had ATC game night.  The featured game was King of Tokyo, and while I sat down to play, I gave up my seat so another person could play and eventually joined 5 others to play Nuns on the Run.  It was my first time playing it, and while I like those hidden movement games, in hindsight I found it a bit underwhelming.  Afterwards I played the longest game of Lost Temple ever with 4 others.  Two games in 5.5 hours.  Kind of crazy but we had fun!

The following night I showed Julie The Hare and the Tortoise (she won!) and we also got in a game of Pentago, which she also played really well.  I guess that time against Patsy was bogus.

I brought Arboretum to work on Friday and played with 3 others.  Tough game, but really well done.  I need to get this to the table more often!

Finally, we played Hey Waiter! last night.  I teamed with Grace and Roman and Julie were a team.  They won, but it took Julie awhile to get used to the rules and needed help, so technically it was just practice. 🙂


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