Trendy Eating Places – Bleh

I am getting tired of going to overpriced restaurants that appear to have been specifically built for to take money from the rich and cater to millenials.  I am neither.  A colleague and I about a week ago went to a place that considers itself a bakery but has surprisingly long lines for sandwiches and salads.  It wasn’t his first time there and he did run into someone he knew.  I should say that he is a millenial; not sure if he is rich.  Maybe I am cheap, but the lowest-priced sandwich was $8.99 (which I ordered) and they only had about 4 different sandwiches.  It was a chicken pesto sandwich, was served on pretty ordinary bread, and came with nothing else.  I added a small snack bag of pita chips and was shocked to find they cost $2.50 when I rang it up!  I should have said “no way” but I took them anyway.  I am going to stick with Subway and stop being some kind of pretender.  It’s just not my style.  It’s not that there aren’t good ones, but most of them are nothing exceptional and blind people into thinking they are.


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