The Week in Games

Thursday we got broke out a game at lunch and had seven people show, so I broke out Frank’s Zoo.  Only problem was the seventh player was 20 minutes late so actually didn’t get a chance to play with us.  Sor-ry.  Still, a six-player game was interesting.  I find the scoring of that game fascinating so I actually created a spreadsheet to handle it.  Kind of a fun thing more than anything.

On Friday I broke out my copy of Splendor and played with Roman, Max, and Julie.  Roman won it.  I did better than the first time I ever played at Game Night, but still not great.  I redeemed myself a bit as Julie wanted to play again so we had a nice two player game.  We actually tied but I won the tiebreaker, to her chagrin.

On Sunday, we went over to the Behrman’s and learned a new game: Machi Koro.  It wasn’t at all what I expected.  It’s a game I bought for them last Christmas so glad I got a chance to try it.

Tonight I did not attend Game Night since we are having one at ATC Wednesday night, but I tried to play Isle of Trains with Roman.  For a game that only cost me $6.60, the rules seemed rather complicated.  Halfway in we realized Roman messed up so we decided to stop.  Possibly try again tomorrow.

I have the NFL Network on at the moment because I have a fantasy draft tomorrow evening, but I am not picking up on much.  Rather clueless in fact.  I can’t believe I am even doing a league, but Charlie invites me EVERY year and I said if he invited me, I would do it.  So I did.  But I am NOT going to get addicted.  I promise to field a team.  Doubt it will be an especially good team.


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