Time Flies

I am still baffled by the fact that I can’t seem to write more than twice a week, can’t get around to reading at all, can’t get around to watching any shows, and still have plenty of games I haven not played.  Sure I have gotten a bit more absorbed in playing or reading about board games, but still haven’t really played a lot (as previously stated).  And no one in the family ever really care s to play so I have to go to game nights, etc. if I want to do that.  But i think the reading part is most disappointing.  I am going to come nowhere close to completing my yearly book goal.

Days like yesterday seem to be the norm now for Saturday  We (Julie, Grace, and I…no Roman) started the day attending a rally and then I had been wanting to visit Hobby Town just to see it.  But before we went to Hobby Town, we hit Value Village, which is where we had parked the car for the rally.  It’s a thrift store and I was surprised by how nice it was laid out.  Julie ended up buying a lot of clothes but I only found one shirt and a Dick Tracy soundtrack (score) by Danny Elfman for 80 cents.  We spent nearly an hour in that store and we were getting hungry.

When we got to Hobby Town, naturally I did get to hear Grace complain about how she was hungry.  But I got enough time to look at the games.  There wasn’t really anything that I hadn’t seen before, and the prices were high, as I expected.  I guess I don’t get why anyone would buy a game there when you can get it on the internet so much cheaper.  I guess if you are paying for shipping, maybe not in some cases.  But unless I have a special connection to the store or they go out of their way to be friend (which a guy did in the puzzle section), then I am not going to be drawn to support them.  Same was true of when I went into Dr. No’s comics and games; no one there said a word to me.  Their loss, as I can get the same stuff online for much cheaper.

We got out of there around noon and went to Pacific Buffet, which we went to a couple years back (maybe sooner).  We remembered it being pretty darn good and it was good, but not as good as I remembered.

After this, it was off to the vet to pick up special food for the kitty and then to Target to pick up toilet paper.   Shortly after getting home, I got a call from the mechanic about the Sportage, which we had dropped off earlier in the day.  They found a bunch of things that needed fixing (surprise) and one big concern that I need to ask about right away.  The transmission is from a salvaged vehicle.  How they know this I am never sure.  Apparently the second owner doesn’t get a warranty and must have had to replace it himself.  At least I think there was a second owner..  I never really got a copy of the Carfax but saw it.  Can’t recall 100%.  I hate cars.

After going to pick it up, I came home and did the ole checkbook updating then it was off to do A/V at church.  After church we attended the concert Julie won tickets to up at the Art Center.  We had a table to ourselves.  Roman was reading “Ready Player One” most of the time and we even played Frank’s Zoo during the show.  You can tell we were really into it.  The band was The Randall Bramlett Band and they were actually very good musicians. But I didn’t know a single song by them and they don’t really played my preferred style either.  But it was something different and welcome.

I was exhausted when I got home.  I tried once again to get through the rules of Penny Press while watching more awful preseason football.  It’s not that they are overly complicated, I was just tired. And I finally got all the sleep I needed this morning having gone to church the day before.  Sweet sleep.


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