The Bets

This past weekend Julie and I made two bets, and I won both of them.  Well, technically only one, but Grace and I seem to think both.

It started when I questioned the name of our street, “Vinyard Way”, and why they didn’t spell it properly as “Vineyard”.  Julie said it was because it was spelled without the “e” and I disagreed.  It turns out that “vineyard” is correct and that “vinyard” in an obsolete word.  So that’s the debatable one.

But just yesterday she bet that our grill did not have a side burner and I said it did.  I do about 85% of the grilling, so I would know.  OK, so I have NEVER used it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have one.  And I doubt it even works.

If I were to lose the bets, I had to make a mosaic.  All Julie has to do is play some board games with me.  Yet, she is scoffing at it.  Does she have a case?  After all, a mosaic would probably take me 5 hours to make.  I bet 4 games wouldn’t even take that long.  But I’d be sure to make that 4th game a 2 hour one just in case. 🙂


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