The Week in Games

Quiet weekend, as I only played Frank’s Zoo with the family while sitting outside at a concert at the Art Place.  Probably shouldn’t have been doing that.  But this WAS the week of our ATC Game Night, and I got in a bunch, just nothing new.

I kicked things off with 2 others playing Splendor, then introduced the same two and one other to Kobayakawa.  After this, David pulled out Master Fox and I figured why not.  But there were 5 of us and it was nuts. (Coincidentally, he brought a game called “Nuts”, but I didn’t get to play it.)

I transitioned to another group with Marc and Courtney to play Ticket to Ride.  It’s been so long and still a fantastic game.  We then played the worst game of Fluxx ever, but followed it up with Colt Express (4 people) and had a blast.

I tried on Saturday night to get Roman to play Isle of Trains, but he dodged it so that he could read “Ready Player One”.  Can’t blame him.  Great book!


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