More Shows

I am in the middle of so many good shows but can’t seem to commit to any.  Over a year ago I started The Shield and loved it, and never finished Season 2.  And I still need to start Season 4 of Fringe, another show I loved.  Those are just some examples of ones I am streaming.  Then there’s also the DVR, currently loaded with unplayed episodes of Bates Motel and Zoo (kind of stinky anyway).  Well tonight I watched the first episode of Mr. Robot on the DVR and earlier today started Peaky Blinders on Netflix.  Add in watching the first episode of The Wire about a month ago and it’s getting to be a real mess.  At least I finished  the first season of The Flash about a month ago.  Whew.  I don’t know why I watch all these shows.  I am more of a movie guy anyway.  Just feels like a chore.

Here are some others I started that I hope to return to:

Luther (Netflix) – 2 episodes

The Man in the High Castle (Amazon) – have only made one episode, but more are coming

Catastrophe (Amazon) – probably won’t go back to it

The Strain (DVR) – 3 unwatched

Jim Gaffigan Show (DVR) – 4 unwatched.  Disappointing, but will likely stick with it.

Other Space (Yahoo) – Watched 4.  It’s a Yahoo show so…….


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