The Week in Games

Last Monday was kind of hit and miss for game night.  I fell in with the usual suspects again, and played a rather forgetful game called “Thurn and Taxis”.  It’s not so fun looking at a map of Germany upside-down and trying to connect cities a la Ticket to Ride.  But then we got a five-player game of Deep Sea Adventure going and that was much more light, and fun.  Afterwards, I thought about leaving only to find a group pulled out my Ticket to Ride game and were JUST about to get started.  Awkwardly, I joined in as the 5th player and took 2nd place.  I got home later than I wanted due to this.

On Thursday, we had 12 people show for the Thursday Throwdown so we had to get 2 games going.  Six people played The Resistance, and another six (which included me) played For Sale.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it and we got a few new people added to the group afterwards.

I played one game each night of the weekend….kind of.  On Friday night, we went down to the pool with pizza but got there kind of late.  Everything did not go smoothly as we couldn’t get the lights, the fan, or the music to come on as the door was locked.  The key also got stuck in the gate, but Mitchell (visiting from GA Tech) got it out.  The kids only went in the pool for a few minutes.  We played The Tortoise and the Hare while eating, but didn’t finish so we finished up at home.  If we had only just played one race, I would have won.  My second race was a disaster.

Mike came by Saturday night and I had just set up The Castles of Burgundy.  The only problem is I set it up wrong (tiles were flipped face DOWN instead of up) and it took us a long time to figure out what the mistake was.  A game that says takes 30 minutes took us over 2 hours.  All in all, however, we both really liked it and the game ended VERY close, with me winning by 1 pt.

Last night I set up Penny Press and recruited Roman to play.  Once again, a flaw in my reading prevented us from playing correctly.  We quit halfway through it and that’s when I consulted the internet and realized my mistake.  I brought it with me to possibly try it tonight.


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