The Week in Games

A little while ago a coworker caught me down in the lobby and asked me if I had played any games this past Labor Day weekend, in front of a bunch of people.  I couldn’t think of what I had played.  But I also remembered I never wrote it down either like I have been doing.  Of course, this blog should be MUCH more than just about playing games.  No one really cares.  But here it is anyway.

Starting with last Monday’s game night (didn’t go last night), I played a terrific card game called Guildhall which unfortunately appears to be out of print.  It’s a set collection game, but I don’t think I’ve played anything quite like it.  I see there is a Guildhall 2 for sale, and while the reviews are positive, it was meant as an expansion (thought it can be played standalone) and one reviewer said it’s not as good as the original.  I really would love to get my hands on the original.

The second game we played that night was mine: Penny Press.  I got two other players and we kind of slogged through it.  I got a couple minor rules wrong I realized later.  I wasn’t impressed with how this game played with only 3 people.  Need to try again with more.  I haven’t given up on it, but I can tell this might be moved to the “back of the collection”.  I left after that game as it was already 9:45!

I don’t recall any games during the week but on Friday I finally got to try Colt Express on Board Game Arena and played with 5 others.  Unfortunately, I got to pick my character last and got stuck with Django.  It was quite awesome on the computer and I really want to play again.  And this is free for all to play!  Even though I got the briefcase in the locomotive, someone stole it.  I managed to finish 4th, but I think that was because the 5th and 6th placed players were quite bad.

Later that night, Roman and I went out to the Art Walk to see Julie and I introduced him to Qwixx, which I bought from Amazon during a sale they had for only $6.99.  He loved it and we played two games, each winning one.  We played again on Saturday night with Julie while sitting in an Applebee’s.

Later that Saturday night, I set up Murano and said, “Let’s do this.”  I really thought they were going to string me up for introducing a complicated game but both of them picked it up quickly and we had a blast, though it took 2 hours.  However, as we neared the end of the game, Roman misinterpreted a major rule (which I got clarification on at BGG) and we went with his interpretation, which changed both Julie and I’s strategies.  Julie ended up winning by 1 point, while Roman and I tied.

On Sunday we made a trip out to Athens to see Max and had Mitchell in tow.  While at the State of Georgia Arboretum, I broke out Colt Express and 5 of us played (Max’s friend Matt was along).  Once again, I was Django after randomly assigning characters.  I did horribly again, coming in dead last with only $500 while they all were really close, with Mitchell collecting the most loot.  Oh well.  I still had fun.

I don’t know if you can count it or not, I but played a game with my nephew George called Trap Door.  And that’s all I got to play for Labor Day, which is kind of sad really.  Time flies.


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