Posting in Nextdoor

This is #4 of 6 topics I put in WordPress 22 days ago and then never wrote about it….until now.

I posted a question on about who to use to start grass in the front yard and at first kept getting responses insinuating I would do it myself.  Good knowledge attained, but not what I wanted so I had to rewrite it a bit.  I even had one guy inviting me over to look at his lawn.  I never did take him up on it as I kind of forgot.  After the rewrite, I got a couple companies to look into.  I decided on one, the guy came out, and then took a week to get me an estimate.  I actually called him 5 minutes after he sent it to ask if he was ever going to send it.  It was way too high and I could have gone back to him and asked about cheaper options, but I had already inquired into a company that left their flyer on my mailbox and I have decided to use them.  In the process, I fired Arbor-nomics and they have been calling, but I have not called them back yet.  Nothing substantial has happened, however, on getting the lawn going and I am starting to sweat it.


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