The Week(s) in Games

Why I am so bad about posting anymore I will never know, but I need to write something down and just break the deadlock.

Luckily I have to look up what I have played, assuming I have tracked everything correctly.  The day after I wrote my last post about games I brought Wyatt Earp to the table with Julie and I loved it!  There’s a lot of thought going in to how to stay ahead of the game so that you can keep all the money on an outlaw, but that’s what makes it so fun.

We also had our Throwdown Thursday at work on 9/10 but it was terrible.  First, I was the only one who brought games and we had too many people for one game.  David L. had to bow out and the only game that could get so many people was Antidote.  I don’t know if it was me explaining the rules, but it went horribly.  People didn’t get it and my cards got REALLY bent up in the process.  Not a good time.

On 9/11 I must have received Codenames in the mail and I played it with the family.  Exactly as advertised – a unique, challenging, and fun party game.  It was a hit.

On 9/12 I went to the Well Played Weekend event and stayed for about 4 hours.  I have a talent for showing up when everyone else is involved in a game and I have no one to play with.  I finally found a guy and we played Gravwell, even though neither he nor I had ever played it.  We even got in another guy before we started.  I had been wanting to try it for some time.  Overall, I enjoyed it but not sure I would want to own it.  I had already arranged to meet another guy named Jordan so we could play Baseball Highlights 2045, which we did.  I found out I had not been playing the 3 games prior to starting the 7 game series to determine the home team and draft guys.  Either way, he killed me.  I won zero games in our 7 game series.  We continued to play together and this time it was Wyatt Earp, which he also knew.  This was after an unsuccessful try at playing Ashes.

Later that same night I played Codenames with Mike, Mitchell, and Roman and then Colt Express with Mike and Mitchell.  I would have played something more substantial but I was feeling very sick and would actually spend the next day sick on the couch.  And hey….I really, really like playing Colt Express!  And I even got another game in of Wyatt Earp on Sunday night with Julie and Roman.  It’s a much different experience with 3 people.

On 9/16 we had out Game Night at work.  I once again played Codenames and Colt Express, but also played a couple games of Shadow Hunters.  I want to like this game more than I did.  I felt that no one was trying to learn anything about my identity….just trying to eliminate me regardless of whether I was on their team or not, which makes little sense.  I’d play it again but I can do without owning it.

In the last week I hadn’t really played anything substantial.  Julie and I broke out Sequence States and Capitals before we took our trip because I plan to get rid of it.  We also played Qwixx while in our hotel room a week ago and then Five Crowns and Homestretch with my parents.  I had really hoped to get them to play Wyatt Earp, but it only plays 4 (a con, I believe) and they didn’t really get it. I also had Colt Express, but that never happened.  Sigh.


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