Used Car Headaches

This is #6 of 6 topics I put in WordPress 22 days ago and then never wrote about it….until now.  (Actually decided against doing #5)

It’s amazing this one is still relevant.  After getting an evaluation from an independent mechanic on the 2008 Kia Sportage we bought, I took it to a Kia dealer for service.  They seemed really great and took care of everything I asked, but then a new issue developed and the car has been there ever since.  I believe it’s been there for 3 weeks now.  I may be picking it up tomorrow as I need to call momentarily and see if they are going to put on new tires.  All in all it’s going to end up costing about $1,500.

There was a period in there that we dealt with the warranty company and I even called them myself.  I finally had it arranged for the warranty company to come out there and low and behold (after nearly 3 weeks) they figure out the car has two tires on it that don’t belong!  WTH??


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