Long Day of Fencing

Yesterday Pope hosted the fencing tournament and it was one long day.  I become officially certified as a director after taking the test on Thursday night at Chattahoochee High School (weird test, by the way) and then got observed Saturday.  I alternated between score keeping and directing, but didn’t get to watch Roman until the DE’s.  Julie came and watched him in his pool and he won all 5 of his matches.  The pool I was directing was VERY competitive as no one fencer won all his matches even though we had some of the best in it.  Therefore, Roman was actually seeded 6th after the pools.  Unfortunately, in the field of 32 he lost to a teammate.

The meet went on until nearly 5pm and then we went home, sat for an hour, and went out to Keegan’s.  I was watching the Royals lose at the time, so I didn’t mind leaving, but I missed out to Cagle’s pumpkin patch because I had to drive Roman since we didn’t go straight over from the meet.  I was disappointed at the adult turnout (two other couples and not the coach) and the fact they didn’t have the Royals on TV, since they came back and won!  I got us out of there at 8pm, but that’s still a long time to spend with the group.


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